Bathroom Inspiration

December 10th, 2013

Small Bathroom Inspiration

When it comes to home renovation, bathrooms are not always at the top of the list. Sure, they are a prominent room in the home however kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms tend to take precedence.

However neglecting your bathroom can bring down the look of your house in general; this includes making it seem out of place and old should you redesign other rooms or even bring down the value as a whole if your bathroom needs significant work done to it.

We are going to have a look at some bathroom ideas to show you what you can do to really improve its design.


Making Use Of Space

making use of space
It goes without saying that bathrooms are usually one of the smallest rooms in the house and specific designs can help with that (see below), however having some very basic work done to the room can help it seem bigger. Adding more light with bigger windows for instance makes a room feel more spacious as does installing larger mirrors; simple enhancements although having them carried out in a bathroom redesign can add a lot of value onto the room itself.

Double Sinks

double sinks
A novel idea and one which really adds some inspiration to bathroom designs. Two sinks are not just ‘his and hers’, rather they allow for a lot more potential in the room itself. Even smaller bathrooms can benefit from having a double sink system and it also provides significantly more storage space underneath as well and the plumbing work is not as extensive as you would think.

Asian Design For Small Bathrooms

small bathroom asian design
This works especially well for downstairs bathrooms that are more akin to ‘powder rooms’. They can feel suffocating and small at times however with an Asian-esque design you can really bring out its potential. The colours create the illusion of more space and having a steeped chest with several levels allows for improved storage in addition to an exotic feel.

Installing A Shower Bath

While having a bath and shower combo is increasingly common it is surprising how many households still have both a shower and bath in a relatively small room. The amount of space that could be made by doubling them up would make the whole bathroom more practical; for example you can make the addition of a towel rack and create a whole new extra feature to the room.
Neglecting your bathroom(s) in the home causes problems with the rest of the house. A well designed home is one in which every room has some sort of style and feature about it that fits in with the rest. It is important to remember that, while some aspects of the bathroom design can be undertaken by yourself, the majority requires professionals to plan, budget and then carry out the work to ensure that you get a first class result.

A home consultation can be arranged to offer up some bathroom inspiration and when you consider that just a few small tweaks here and there can make all the difference to not just the bathroom but the whole home then it is certainly worth looking into.