Brilliant Bathroom flooring ideas

November 25th, 2013

Rubber Metallic cork flooring

Are you looking to draw inspiration from the current vintage revival? Or wanting a design that compliments your small bathroom by creating an illusion of space? Whatever you’re after, you’re sure to find some fresh ideas here, and once you have, why not try them out with our free 3D Cad service to see if they’ll look as good in real life.


Stylish but practical

If you’re looking for a stylish solution that meets your day to day needs, then you should choose flooring that belies its practicality.

Hot metallics

Metallic style tiles and flooring can not only add a modern touch to a bathroom, but their reflective quality can also create an illusion of space.

Modern rubber flooring

Given the sheer range of rubber flooring that is now available, rubber no longer means dull. They’re also warm underfoot for added comfort.

Cool cork flooring

Whilst cork was banished to the décor faux pars of the 1970s, it has seen a recent revival as people employ a more subtle approach. The fact that it is mould resistant is an added bonus.



Whilst subtle patterns are employed in the most stylish of vintage bathrooms, they also have the added bonus of elongating a room if they’re used in the right way. Using a simplistic pattern can also help create an illusion of depth, regardless of the size of the bathroom.

If you’re lucky enough to own a freestanding bath tub, then use mosaic tiles to compliment its vintage feel.


Space Saving

Unless you live in a house that could rival a stately home on space, the likelihood is that you want to make your bathroom appear bigger than it is. By following some simple design principals, you too can create that all important illusion of space.

Small Floor Tiles

To maximise the space within a bathroom you should use relatively small tiles, using larger tiles can make a space seem smaller.

Floor and wall tiles

By using the same tiles on the floor as you do for the walls; you can extend the space upwards. By creating unity you can open up even the smallest of bathrooms.

Mosaic Tile Accent

If you want the benefits of light, plain coloured tiles, but need a touch of detail, then try accenting the main tiles with mosaics.

Choose an angle

An underused, yet effective design method for small bathrooms is to angle your tiles. By creating a diagonal line across your bathroom, you are emphasising its largest area.


Country style

If you’re looking for the ultimate homely vibe, then a country style bathroom may be your answer. By employing natural resources (or at least naturally looking resources), you can create a warm and inviting space.

Commonly used materials for a rustic feel are materials such as slate, wood and terracotta; however any tiles with certain warm tones can compliment rustic décor.


Now that you’re filled with amazing ideas for your gorgeous new bathroom, try them out with our free 3D CAD design service. That way you can be sure that your bathroom will look every bit as beautiful in real life.


Rubber Metallic cork flooring