How would you design your bathroom?

September 28th, 2013

I hate decorating. I’m also quite particular when it comes to my house, and with certain rooms in the house there is a degree of permanence to decorating them. There is also usually a higher cost involved and that creates a need for extra attention to be given in the planning stages.


Imagine if you will, a hypothetical scenario in which you have had a new bathroom installed only to discover upon completion that it hasn’t turned out quite the way you had imagined. Maybe the towel rails don’t quite go with the taps as well as you thought they would. Or the tiles look a little out of place now that they are on the walls. Well worry no more as we come bearing the gift of foresight! With the aid of computer that is.


Bathroom design blueprint

Our design software, which has already generated a lot of buzz with our customers, uses the dimensions of your bathroom to create a blueprint (pictured left).

From this blueprint we are able to generate a 3D image displaying your bathroom, designed how you want it. That means displaying the bathroom suite, tiles, towel rails, fixtures and fittings fully rendered in 3D so you no longer have to leave things to the imagination.

Don’t like something? Simply change it for another product with just a couple of clicks. It’s as easy as that. The picture below shows the same bathroom from the blueprint above, rendered in 3D.

 3D image of bathroom design with bath, basin, shower and heated towel rail

Best of all, we offer our bathroom design service for free! Nothing! Zilch! No Obligation to buy and we  don’t like the hard sell. If you live in Colchester or the surrounding areas, we even come to you.

Want to try out the service? Complete our contact form and we’ll call to arrange an appointment.

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You can also see some of the designs we’ve helped our other customers bring to life by checking out the gallery.

Have a good weekend.

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