“If everything isn’t black and white, I say, “Why the hell not?””

October 18th, 2013


– John Wayne.


Here at CC Designer Bathrooms we are all about unique. Classic, contemporary, minimalist or opulent, everyone has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to how one’s home is decorated.

If you have been following our Twitter and Facebook pages over the last couple of weeks you may have seen mention of using black & white to create quite a striking look to a bathroom. Now until recently, as recently as a week ago in fact, I would have baulked at the idea of using large swathes of black in my bathroom. However, after a few weeks of looking at every black & white bathroom design I could find I have to say, I have been one over. There is something truly elegant about using monochrome but instead of me blabbering on about it, I thought I would share some of the designer bathrooms that caused this old stick in the mud to make a volte-face.



The one that started this whole change of heart.




































































































All of the above genuinely convinced me that black & white really does work in the bathroom. I am even considering it for my own.


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