Things to consider before undertaking a bathroom renovation

January 29th, 2014

Bathroom renovation is an exciting task. But it is extremely important to take a few things into consideration before you start your bathroom renovation. Renovating your bathroom can be overwhelming but if you plan ahead then it can save you a lot of time and money.



The first thing is to chalk out a budget you are likely to spend on your bathroom renovation. Setting out a budget will not only help you plan but also help you choose the right products within the budget for your bathroom. You can also segregate the amount you are likely to spend on the materials and fixtures and the rest that you are likely to spend on labour.


Many people think that bathroom renovation will take a few days, but you actually need to speak to the builders and estimate how much time they are going to take to renovate your bathroom. Estimating time in advance can save you from a lot of headaches and prepare you for the disruptions it may cause.

Check out current design trends

The internet is full of new ideas, check out what’s in at the moment and take some inspiration for some exciting bathroom design ideas. Visit our design gallery to see how other customers designed their bathrooms.

Choose fixtures carefully

Your investment in the bathroom is likely to last for years. Choose good fixtures for your bathroom as they are going to last longer. Also be sure to select fixtures that look elegant and matches with the overall look of the bathroom.

Additional Space

You can always do with additional space in your bathroom. See if you can add a small cabinet underneath your sink or if you can add a bit more storage area here and there.

Walls and Floorings

There are a number of options available when it comes to bathroom tiles, walls and floorings. Depending on what you are looking for and what fits in with your budget, you can choose from ceramic, marble and granite tiles. You can also go for paint on your walls or a dramatic wall paper. You can buy simple tiles or also mosaic tiles. You can also match the bathroom suite colour with your room colour and see what shades would look best.For more on flooring, visit our bathroom flooring guide.

Add a mirror

Hanging a large full size mirror will not only be foundational but also make your bathroom look spacious and stylish.


Choose the contractor carefully. Find out about their expertise and their past experience. You can also ask them to show you a couple of bathrooms they have renovated – not only for design inspiration but also to check their quality of work. Also agree on a time plan, assess and analyse likely disruptions and estimate and time. If you choose to renovate your bathroom with us, our trusted installers are vetted by us to make sure they work to the highest standards giving you that little extra piece of mind.


The lighting in your bathroom can change the look and feel of it. You can select from a number of light options available. But make sure that you allocate the points and you know where to fix these lights. Speak to your contractors about this. Be sure not to overdo the lights. Keep it simple and add the calmness to your bathroom. You can also plan to maximise natural light in your bathroom. It is advisable to have at least 4 watts of incandescent lighting per square foot.


Ventilation is absolutely essential for a bathroom. Plan ahead and see what areas you can dedicate for natural ventilation. Again, it is crucial to speak to your contractors or bathroom designer and decide on these early on.

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